New Product: Smart LCD controller

Smart LCD controller

After you try an ELEC-0044 Smart LCD controller, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The things that annoy me the most about running a 3D printers are

  1. having my computer connected to the printer all the time,
  2. only being able to run one printer at a time, and
  3. random unpausable stops in the middle of a print.

All these problems go away with the Smart controller.

It has a big 20×4 blue-on-blue LCD and a clickable knob so you can navigate menus on the screen. To make it work you may have to update your 3D printer firmware so it “talks” to you through the screen.

It has an SD card reader and even comes with a 4GB SD card. Save your gcode in the root folder of the SD card, pop it in the machine (even while it’s running!) and twist/click the knob to select your file. Done!

With this baby installed you can run your printer without being chained to your laptop. We have one on every printer!

The smart LCD controller can adapt to either a RUMBA or a RAMPs board and comes with a 4GB SD card.

Get one today, you’ll be glad you did.