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Makelangelo 3 Software Update v21

Black Widow
Makelangelo interprets Black Window

This is the 21st commit in Github for the Makelangelo software.  Read on to get the details and download the latest.

  • added support for pens of different sizes
  • added support for LEDs (experimental light painting)
  • added support for spray paint (experimental mural painting)
  • added spiral drawing style
  • added cross hatch drawing style
  • added firmware to each download for easier setup
  • improved windows start*.bat files to find java more often.
  • improved artwork in configure screen
  • changed default machine and paper size to match recommended settings
  • fixed on-screen relative motions (G91)
  • added “check for updates” to software.

No firmware update required. Your Makelangelo versions 1, 2, or 3 should run as before.

Those are all the ones I can remember.  The links on the product pages have already been updated.

Get the Windows version

Get the OSX version

Contribute to the open source project on Github

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