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Send a lot of commands to an Arduino automatically

Makelangelo art drawn with Gcode

I’ve written some tutorials and published code samples about teaching an Arduino like device to understand Gcode, the language of modern CNC manufacturing machines like 3D printers. I’m very grateful that so many people have found it useful and are building great robots. By the way: If you’ve made something, please share it in our forum gallery! It really inspires and motivates me.

Now that the devices are good at listening to commands, I’m getting requests almost daily for a program that can send a lot of commands to the Arduino.

Today I’m pleased to announce the release of GcodeSender version 1 for free on Github.

It will “talk” to any serially-connected device at 57600 baud. It waits for the “>” character between each line so that it doesn’t flood the other end of the line and cause a mistake. It can send a lot more than gcode, but I have a history of picking terrible program names and I’m reluctant to break with tradition.

It should work with all the samples and tutorials I’ve written in the recent past, including all the robots available through the shop. If you’re familiar with the Makelangelo software then this program won’t be any surprise to you.

Please give it a try and leave your comments in the forums.

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