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Video: Stewart Platform v2

An open source Stewart Platform using a RUMBA 6-axis controller from a 3D printer. Another video after the jump.

Get one and use it in your university or hobby projects. I would love to see someone put a pair of these and a Kinect bar together to make a Portal turret.

Please tell your friends about these machines. With your support I can build one big enough to sit on. Combined with a pair of Occulus Rift goggles it would make a great addition to racing or flying games. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve even got a tumblr page.

Do you love to code? There are many ways the software on this robot could be better. Make a name for yourself by helping students everywhere. Looks great on a resume. For the full source, please visit Github.

For more examples of what Stewart Platforms can do, check out our Youtube playlist for Stewart Platforms or read about them on Wikipedia.

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