The Laser Cutting in Vancouver FAQ

Here are the most common questions I get asked about my laser cutter.

What material can you cut/etch?

natural wood, some ply woods, bamboo, paper, leather, and acrylic.

What’s the biggest thing you can work on? How thick can you cut?

We can accomodate up to 900mm*600mm*20mm. We’ve never cut over 10mm thick.

What colours do you have?

We can source a variety of colors. Make a request and we’ll accomodate you. We stock some material in house for rapid turnaround and can get more on demand.

How detailed are the prints?

Precision is better than 0.1mm. Depending on how the material reacts to the beam you can get very fine details.

What’s the best way to send you a model?

A DXF file with your design is perfect. If you have areas that should be etched instead of cut please send an image file with an explanation.

What does it cost?

Because of our size and material restrictions we can offer a very competitive rate.

Contact us to get the latest prices and special offers.

Do you do design work?

We’re happy to recommend some great designers who can help you with your project. We can consult to help you prepare your files for faster turnaround. We just do Laser cutting.