Makelangelo GUI v0.9.2

I’ve made some improvements to the Makelangelo software today. No firmware update required.
– “drive manually” interface is now part of the main window and includes a speed setting.
– “configure limits” screen is simplified to only 4 values (used to be 2) and now works in millimeters. No need to change your software if you’ve already configured your machine.
– Minor internal changes for Makelangelo v2.
– “Pause” now lifts the pen and “unpause” lowers it again (if necessary)
– GUI can be configured in “Preferences” to play a sound when certain events happen (like finish processing an image or finish drawing)
– Windows users will find a start32.bat and start64.bat. Please use the one appropriate for your system.

Windows users please let me know if you have any challenges whatsoever in running the software. I’d like it to be as flawless and bulletproof as possible in windows and I need your help to make it so.

In other news I got the boxes for the Makelangelo 2 today and they look damn fine, if I do say so myself. White die-cut instead of brown looks so much more professional. What do you think – should I include string and a USB cable along with all the other stuff? I’m wondering just how “complete” this package should be.