Makelangelo 2 laser cut box v1 process and notes

Here is v1 of the box for the Makelangelo 2. You’ll be able to get the Makelangelo 2 in two delicious flavours: fully assembled and DIY. Until the March 8 release date they are up to 14% off.

makelangelo 2 laser cut box v1

I sketched out the box and all the parts in my huge sketchbook, then used Google search to find NEMA 17 dimensions and Arduino holes to make sure I knew the dimensions. The Birch I used is 2.8mm thick so I plugged in all those numbers to Rahulbotic’s Box Maker. That produced a PDF which I converted to DXF in Inkscape, brought into my CAD program, and then added the holes for the wiring and mounting. Here’s the result.

makelangelo 2 laser cut box v1 assembled

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It’s nearly perfect! The only places I guessed at I guessed wrong – there are three tabs with slots that are supposed to hold the power plug in place. I guessed how far apart they should be and I guessed how big the slot should be. The thing I forgot was to put holes on the front cover to make a hinge – I assumed it would be glued shut and, on later reflection, that seems really silly. The next version will have these corrections and then – fingers crossed – it will be perfect.

makelangelo 2 laser cut box installed

It worked perfectly when it was mounted. I’m editing video now of Makelangelo 2 drawing a dragon for Chinese New Year (should I say spring festival?). I guess next week I should draw a snake since it’s going to be the year of the snake. Gung Hey Fa Choi, everyone!

Speaking of important dates, I’ll be giving a talk at the Railway club Monday, February 11 at 7:00 on 3D printing and it’s effect (affect?) on liberties. Come on by and watch me convulse for 20 minutes as I commune with the spirits.