Hemispherical Omnidirectional Gimballed Drive aka HOG Drive now on Thingiverse

The Vancouver Robotics Club is having a contest to build line following robots. I thought it was a great excuse to get creative and use up some old parts I had lying around so I build a HOG Drive. You can find the parts list and 3D printables on Thingiverse.

The big inspiration came from Curtis Boirum when I read this Hackaday post a while ago. I couldn’t believe no one else had made a DIY kit of it and jumped on the opportunity.

This remote-controlled car is fast, just what I need to win. Even better, you can put two on the same RC car and get a vehicle that can go sideways or turn on the spot. Sweet!

This model is a prototype. It will go through a few revisions to work out the kinks and then it will be available as a kit right here for you. I’m just so excited I couldn’t sit on it and keep my mouth shut until the thing is finished.