First Github Pull collaboration with Keerbot and Polulu

Gilad has been working on Keerbot, his own version of the Makelangelo. Amazing how many people are doing the same work, isolated from each other. Another fan, Tom, forwarded to Gilad an older version of the software. I had a delightful talk with Gilad today and now, rather than rewrite all the software, he’s adding a new Arduino firmware sketch that runs exactly the same but supports Polulu stepper drivers instead of the Adafruit Motor Shield.

Keerbot is an ambitious project. Gilad is using timing belts and is going to put the steppers on the pen holder, something I tried way way (way way way) back in version 0.

The part that’s totally new to me is Graffiti Markup Language (GML). Gilad is going to combine GML with his Keerbot to make… something awesome. It’s so out there I don’t grok it yet but I’m eager to see what he makes and I hope we can work together.

Check this, a video of his latest drawing (before using Makelangelo code).