Laser cut motor mounts 70 times faster


Last night at the VHS Steven helped me laser cut a test of the next generation of motor mounts for the Makelangelo drawbot and the Skycam. The 3d printed prototypes took 70 minutes to produce – and that’s not count all the times the printer ruined the piece 10 minutes from the end. These take only a minute to cut on the Redsail laser, they flat pack, and the pieces glue together in about ten minutes. Next I will be using the laser cutter to solve pen up/down.

More immediately, I’m having trouble mass producing bobbins. I want to mill them on a lathe and the quotes I’m getting are crazy – one said 50 pieces would cost $30/ea. The next said $6/ea. I’m looking for $1/ea or less.

There’s a number of craft fairs coming up in Vancouver at which Makelangelo will be appearing to take your requests. Stay tuned for more details!

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