Introduction to Arduino Night: Tonight, tonight!

Starting at 20:00 at the Vancouver Hack Space:

After a brief word about VHS, membership, and upcoming events I’ll be doing a quick survey of who knows what about Arduino and then tailoring the talk to the audience. Among the things my ramblings will cover:

  • serial communication and “hello, world!”
  • LED on/off with digital out pins
  • LED fading with digital out pins + PWM
  • Servos + PWM
  • switches and digital in pins
  • pots with analog in pins
  • breadboards and why you need one
  • how a multimeter can pay for itself in one use
  • shields

We’ll get as much practical hands-on experimenting as we can stand.  Q&A at any time is appreciated.

I will also be bringing the drawbot, the crab robot, a prototype home automation system, and talking a bit about the delta robot group project.

Please to be not using the Makerbot or the MAME cabinet to cut down on the noise level.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.  See you there!

PS: here is the  sample.ino code I’ll be using tonight.