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3-arm Delta Robot v3


Delta robots are commonly used as pick and place machines on assembly lines. The Delta Robot v3 is scaled-down version, for affordable shipping. Frequently this robot is used for phone app testing automation. What will you use it for?

Special thanks to Justin Engler for his video of the Delta Robot in action. Read about it here.


  • Educational: learn about stepper motors, programming, sensors, mechanics, motion control, and more.
  • Easy setup: Step-by-step assembly instructions with pictures make it easy for you or your students to put together the kit.
  • Expandable: The electronics have room for extra motors and sensors, making this a great kit to hack on and add your own ideas.
  • Support: We're here to help you all the way.
  • Open source: All our software is on github.com. Every previous model has been released on thingiverse.com.

Download the source code that accompanies this project.

Read the assembly instructions on learn.marginallyclever.com.

Please visit the Marginally Clever Forums for support.

Technical specs

  • Height: 28cm
  • Radius: 12.44cm
  • Work envelope: 8x8x7cm
  • Resolution: 0.082mm (varies with quality of construction & maintenance)

Kit Contents

  • 1 ELEC-0001 5.5 x 2.1 female power plug
  • 1 ELEC-0007 Power Supply 12v2a, NEMA 1-15 ungrounded
  • 1 ELEC-0038 RUMBA motion controller + A4988 Polulu drivers
  • 1 ELEC-0043 USB Cable, A to mini B, 2m
  • 3 MOTO-0003 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v0.3a
  • 3 MECH-0033 Switch, Micro SPDT, 15A, V-152-1C25
  • 30 MECH-0034 Zip tie, 2*60mm, white
  • 1 MECH-0046 Delta Robot v3 Laser cut parts
  • 1 MECH-0035 Ball Joint, M3, set of 12
  • 6 MECH-0044 Threaded rod, M3*150mm
  • 6 MECH-0040 M3x45 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 6 MECH-0024 M3x5 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 3 MECH-0026 M3x15 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 14 MECH-0029 M3 hex nut
  • 6 MECH-0042 M3 nylock nut

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