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  • Sixi Robot Arm
  • Sixi Robot Arm
  • Sixi Robot Arm

Sixi Robot Arm

2500.00 CAD

Get the upper hand, attached to the upper arm, for the help you need.  It is long, strong, accurate, dexterous, and it has some of the easiest software on the market today.  It comes in three flavors: Fully assembled, all parts DIY, and all non-printed parts DIY.

Sixi doesn’t get tired, get sick, slow down, take breaks, or vacations; it works in the dark, in noisy places, and doesn’t get scared by dangerous stuff. Sixi’s work has consistent quality.

The Sixi is tested and ships fully assembled with free shipping anywhere in the world.

New 2020-07-13: We no longer ship unassembeled Sixi robots. If you have need for the custom metal parts, please contact us directly to order individual components. We now offer an added Pelican case to ship your new robot(s).

New 2020-07-28: get the ROS package.

Sixi Tools

We are working hard on a selection of tools, sold separately. Eventually we may even offer an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). If you have need for custom end of arm tooling, please contact us!

New 2020-06-29: We now offer another hand that complies with ISO standard 9409-1-50-4-M6.

Sixi Software: Robot Overlord

Sixi robot works perfectly with the Robot Overlord app.  No overwhelming dialogs, no complicated calibration, no confusing sets of numbers to remember.  Robot Overlord pairs perfectly with the intuitive Sixi Joystick.


Check out our comprehensive table of similar robot arms and their features.


If a Sixi does 40 hours of work per week at $15/h value then it pays for itself in two months (15*40*8 = 4800).

Interested in Leasing? Call us for details.

Reviews and Testimonials

Sixi robots are out in the wild, but we have yet to receive testimonials.  Be the first!


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