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  • Sixi Robot Arm
  • Sixi Robot Arm

Sixi Robot Arm

1999.99 CAD

An open source robot arm is here and it’s the helping hand you need.  It is long, strong, accurate, dextrous, and it has some of the easiest software on the market today.  It comes in three flavors: Fully assembled, all parts DIY, and all non-printed parts DIY.

Sixi Tools

Sixi Robot comes with one motorized gripper to get you started.  The current design of the robot hand is a camera quick-change.  This makes it easy to mount your film equipment or a tool.  Over time we will be releasing a library of useful tools for different tasks.

Sixi Software: Robot Overlord

Sixi robot works perfectly with the Robot Overlord, our open source control software.  Through the software you can drive with three flavors: keyboard + mouse, PS3/PS4 controller, and our custom Sixi Joystick (think mini-sixi!).  Future updates will include record and playback, push-to-teach, and more.  No overwhelming dialogs, no complicated calibration, no confusing sets of numbers to remember.  Robot Overlord is available by donation on our site, as is The Sixi Joystick.


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