Sixi Robot Arm
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Sixi 2 Robot Arm

2,500.00 CAD

Sixi robot is a small size industrial arm intended for light, repetitive work and education.  It doesn’t get tired, get sick, slow down, take breaks, or vacations; it works in the dark, in noisy places, and doesn’t get scared by dangerous stuff. Sixi’s work has consistent quality.

Sixi comes in three flavors: Fully assembled, assemble yourself, or print-and-assemble yourself. It has free shipping everywhere in the world.

At this time (2020-01-18) our priority is on easy of use – improving ways to program and control the robot. Optimizing top speed and overall stiffness will come later.


Return On Investment

If a Sixi does 40 hours of work per week at $15/h value then it pays for itself in two months (15*40*8 = 4800).

Interested in Leasing? Call us for details.

Sixi Software

Sixi robot works perfectly with the Robot Overlord app.  No overwhelming dialogs, no complicated calibration, no confusing sets of numbers to remember.  Robot Overlord pairs perfectly with the intuitive Sixi Joystick.

Are you a fan of ROS? Get the ROS package.

Sixi Tools

Any tool that meets ISO standard 9409-1-50-4-M6 will work with the Sixi robot. Here’s just one supplier’s list. 2100+ choices!

If you have need for custom end of arm tooling, please contact us!


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