Makelangelo 5

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Makelangelo 5 is a beautiful picture drawing robot.  It works great in a classroom or a business.  It’s easy, it’s reliable, and it’s open source.

The Makelangelo can draw up to A1 sized pictures on a window, whiteboard, or easel with Sharpie or dry-erase markers.

In your classroom

Makelangelo 5 hangs on a window or whiteboard so that it takes up no shelf space in a crowded classroom.  We’ve chosen to make every part visible for curious learners to study.  If a student is staring at the window, they should be looking at a Makelangelo.

Makelangelo 5 is easy for teachers.  Substitute teacher?  No mechatronics degree?  No problem.  We have a growing syllabus of turn-key lesson plans and activities that tie into your curriculum.

Check out the education & educators forum.

In your business

Imagine patrons sipping coffee as they watch art unfold in your front window.  Imagine your son or daughter using a Makelangelo on their paper route to draw art in a dozen businesses.  Teach them the value of steady work and a good investment today.

The Makelangelo 5 is easy

We’ve put all our knowledge and experience into making this edition more fun to run than any previous model.  With the new auto-homing feature set up takes only a few seconds right out of the box.  You don’t need to be a programmer or a robot-wrangler to make things work.  Stick it on a window, plug in the power, and make a few clicks. See for yourself!

The Makelangelo 5 is reliable

There’s no burning hot molten plastic danger nozzle like a 3D printer.  Nothing that can jam, burn, pinch, or zap.  There’s a six month limited warranty on parts & service.  There’s also our forums.

product support forum

The Makelangelo 5 is open source

Makelangelo software has had over a thousand commits and 25 updates since 2012, making it the most elegant, intuitive software for drawing robots.
Get the Makelangelo software now and see for yourself.

The Makelangelo 5 is beautiful

Not only is the Makelangelo five a gorgeous machine, it makes art and creates beauty.

some of the different things Makelangelo can draw

The Makelangelo 5 is popular

There are thousands of Makelangelo robots around the world. See a map of Makelangelos on earth. Find yours!

Makelangelo links

Additional information

Weight2.3 kg
Dimensions75 x 9 x 9 cm


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