$350.00 CAD

3DOF Palletizing Robot



This robot is based on the ABB PalletPack 460. An affordable, scaled-down model that is perfect for classroom based training on the mechanics and operations of a robot arm.

The 3DOF Palletizing Robot has three degrees of freedom -. It can reach up to 50cm away from its body. It runs on stepper motors and gearing for great precision.

The lifting capacity is approximately 125g fully extended and 155g in a retracted position.


  • 3 degrees of freedom: forward/back, up/down, turn left/right.
  • Arm tip is always parallel to the base
  • 125g static lift at 50cm full extension
  • 150g static lift at 13cm full retraction
  • +/-180 degree left/right rotation
  • Movement ceiling 30cm from base
  • Movement floor -17cm from base
  • Repeatability ~2mm


(fully assembled)

  • Base: h 6mm x w 127mm x d 127mm
  • Shoulder: h 113mm x w 136mm x 172mm
  • Bicep: l 365mm x w 42mm
  • Forearm: l 366mm x w 30mm
  • Fingertip: h 83mm x w 20mm x d 32.5mm
  • Weight: 1.399kg

Kit contents

  • 1 ELEC-0045 Socket, 2.1 X 5.5mm Single Hole
  • 3 MOTO-0003 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v0.3a
  • 1 ELEC-0038 RUMBA board + 6 Polulu drivers
  • 1 ELEC-0001 5.5*2.1 female power plug
  • 3 MECH-0033 Switch, Micro SPDT, 15A, V-152-1C25
  • 8 MECH-0024 M3x5 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 8 MECH-0025 M3x10 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 5 MECH-0026 M3x15 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 1 MECH-0027 M3x25 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 30 MECH-0029 M3 hex nut
  • 12 MECH-0040 M3x45 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 2 MECH-0039 Bearing, thrust, 52x35x12
  • 5 MECH-0049 Bearing, skate, 22x8x7
  • 1 MECH-0058 Bolt, M8x50
  • 2 MECH-0059 Washer, 8x13
  • 1 MECH-0060 Arm3-v1 laser cut parts
  • 1 MECH-0064 Arm3-v1 3D printed parts

This kit includes all electronics, mechanical parts, and laser cut pieces required to assemble your own.

This kit does NOT include a 12v2a power supply. We stock North American power supplies.


Arduino firmware and Java RobotTeacher on Github

Part files on Thingiverse

Assembly instructions and exploded part diagrams

Dimension drawing of the base (for mounting into your assembly line)

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