$500.00 CAD

Malcolm Pan/Tilt Robot



The Malcolm Pan/Tilt robot can move a camera with great precision and speed control. A fantastic tool for time lapse photography, star tracking, gigapan images, and more.

Why Malcolm? He commissioned the first unit. Our way of saying thanks!


  • Speed: As slow as 1 step per second, as fast as 200 steps per second - and as the software improves we may be able to push those limits.
  • Accuracy: 48000 steps per turn in both directions. That is 0.0075 degrees per step!
  • Repeatability: The Malcolm can find itss way back to "home" position and repeat the same motions over and over.
  • Friendly: An LCD screen on the side gives you status updates and a menu of common tasks.
  • Smart: A built-in SD card can store long GCODE programs for complicated sequences. Great for advanced users.
  • DIY: Kit comes flat packed and assembles in an evening with some crazy glue, screw driver, and a touch of soldering.
  • Open Source: All the source code is available online. Read it at your leisure or change it to make the machine do something new.

Kit contents

  • 1 MOTO-0003 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v0.3a
  • 1 MOTO-0006 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v1.2a
  • 2 MECH-0038 Bearing, thrust, 60x40x13
  • 2 MECH-0039 Bearing, thrust, 52x35x12
  • 12 MECH-0029 M3 hex nut
  • 2 MECH-0024 M3x5 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 12 MECH-0040 M3x45 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 2 MECH-0026 M3x15 Pan Phillips Screw
  • 1 MECH-0041 Pan/tilt robot laser cut parts
  • 2 ELEC-0001 5.5 x 2.1 female power plug
  • 1 ELEC-0043 USB Cable, A to mini B, 2m
  • 1 ELEC-0042 Power Supply 12v3a, NEMA 1-15 ungrounded
  • 1 ELEC-0038 RUMBA motion controller + A4988 Polulu drivers
  • 1 ELEC-0044 Smart LCD controller

Software & assembly instructions

Github has everything you need.


For everything else, please see our forums.

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