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Makelangelo 3 complete kit


What is a Makelangelo?

The Makelangelo is an art robot.  It hangs on a board, wall, or white board and makes pictures.  It has all the technology of a 3D printer without the burning hot temperatures or the expensive plastic filament.  Assembling and running the kit will prepare the builder to take that next step into DIY 3D printing.

The Makelangelo 3 is versatile.  It can be built larger or smaller.  It has optional attachments for spray painting.  It could even do long exposure light painting.  The kit has been refined for high accuracy and ease of use.

The parts have been planned to be environmentally friendly and future-proof.  The wood components can be composted and the counterweights come from recycled water or soda bottles.  All the electronics, motors, and belts can be reused to make a 3D printer, so it's not just an art machine, it's more like the first step on a journey to being a robot master.  A gateway robot.

See a map of how many Makelangelos there are around the world.

To run the Makelangelo you will need a Windows, Apple, or Linux comptuer with a USB port and the Makelangelo software. The default setup also requires a 4'x3' board (A0 size) and 24"x18" paper (A2).

Half the fun is putting it together. Read the Makelangelo assembly instructions.

If teaching is your focus, talk to us! Many teachers are using the Makelangelo in their STEAM classes. It is a great way to introduce coordinate systems, pythagorean theorem, trigonometry, gcode, physics, and more. We want to share your experience with other teachers and make the lessons easy to repeat.

The Makelangelo is open source. All the source code for Makelangelo is online. If you need support, We're here to help you all the way. Our active support forums are open 24/7/365. You don't need to be a programmer to use the Makelangelo. The software converts PNG, JPG, BMP, and GIF images for you in one of several different styles. DXF support is also included.

Download the Makelangelo software.

Read the how-to guide.

Questions? Contact us.

How does it work?

  • The Java software converts your pictures into lines.
  • The software sends the lines to the robot one at a time via USB cable or SD card. The software talks to the robot with GCODE, the language of 3D printers and CNC machines.
  • The robot uses coordinate systems and trigonometry to calculate the length of each belt. Learn more
  • To move from point A to point B the robot figures out the change in belt length and then turns the stepper motors with the right timing to move in a line.

Kit contents

Recommended add-ons

This kit does NOT include a 12v2a power supply, because we only stock . 12v2a North American power supplies.

We do not ship the water bottles. Please recycle some from your neighborhood.

Want larger drawings? Order extra belt and more Servo extension cords. We can deliver belt up to 20m in a single piece!

Looking to save money? Try the Makelangelo 2.5.  Nearly all the same features and easier on your wallet.

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