Touchless 3D Printer Endstop Optical Sensor

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No touch limit switches make 3d printing easier than ever.

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Every 3D printer has limit switches.  When the 3D printer starts a print job it touches the switches to sense the position of the printer head, and then counts the steps to measure the movement from there.  If your printer has a physical contact switch, you may find after several prints that the switch has been nudged a little bit and the printer needs to be recalibrated.  Who needs that hassle?  Get touchless limit switches that never move!

This touchless limit switch has two mounting holes and a sesnor gap. When an object passes through the gap the beam of light is interrupted, which triggers the switch.

Technical specs

cable: 50cm detachable (5v, signal, ground)
dimensions without cable connector: 33mm * 10mm * 13.5mm
dimensions with cable connector: 33mm * 10mm * 23mm
sensor gap: 2.4mm * 8mm * 6.25mm

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Additional information

Weight.008625 kg
Dimensions7.5 x 6 x .6 cm


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