Stewart Platform v2 Parts

Whether you need one, or some, we’ve got all your Stewart Platform parts right here.

0ELEC-0001 5.5*2.1 female power plug
0ELEC-0042 Power Supply 12v3a
0ELEC-0043 USB cable, A to mini-B, 1.5m
06 ELEC-0060 A4988 Pololu Driver (single)
01 ELEC-0028 Rumba Board and Wire Pack (no drivers)
12 MECH-0024 M3x5 Pan Phillips Screw
18 MECH-0026 M3x16 Pan Phillips Screw
18 MECH-0029 M3 hex nut
0MECH-0033 Switch, Micro SPDT, 15A, V-152-1C25
10 MECH-0034 Zip tie, 2*60mm, white
0MECH-0035 M3 Ball Joints, set of 6
0MECH-0044 Threaded rod M3*150mm
0MOTO-0003 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v0.3a, 400 steps per turn
01 RPRT-0002 Stewart Platform Laser Cut Parts

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