Sir RAMPSalot High Current Stepper Driver Adapter for RAMPS/RUMBA

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The Sir RAMPSalot is a high current stepper driver adapter. Suppose you have a RAMPS or RUMBA board with stepper drivers like the A4988 or the DRV88** family. Each of those drivers has a limit of 1.5 amps, max. If you want to run a more powerful stepper motor like a NEMA23 or NEMA34 then you need an separate high current driver and a separate high current power supply for that motor. Then you’ll need an adapter to connect the driver with the control board that you know and love. This is that adapter.

A normal driver uses the terminal blocks on the side of your control board to send power to a stepper motor directly. Sir-Ramps-A-Lot turns the four screw terminals into ENABLE (2A), DIRECTION (1B), STEP (1A), and GND (2B), the four wires you would need to connect to control your high current driver.

This item includes 1×20 male/male breakaway headers that must be soldered to the board.

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Dimensions 1.5 × 2 × 0.2 cm