ROBO-0048 Zarplotter table top drawing robot

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A four motor table-top drawing robot.


What is a Zarplotter?

The Zarplotter is a four motor drawing robot originally created (to our knowledge) By Randy Szarzynski et al in California.  They sell a fully finished machine which you can purchase at

This machine is in the early days of testing, and already runs 30% faster than a Makelangelo 5 vertical drawing robot.  It has a quick-change pen adapter to work with many styles of markers or pens, and can be physically expanded to larger drawings than the ~60x60cm (A2) drawings you see here:

Why make a Zarplotter?

We were challenged to build a new Skycam/spider cam robot, which has four motors at the top of a box.  Making a Zarplotter was a natural intermediate testing step, having nearly the same shape without the huge vertical Z movement.

Because it’s frikkin’ cool, ok? 🙂

How can this be a download?

This is a digital download of the Bill of Materials – the list of parts for our Zarplotter design.  You will have to acquire the parts and 3D print them yourself.  Since you seem like the kind of can-do person that would want to use recycled parts or find a better deal on hardware, we say cool!  Here’s the list of what you need, go get the bits yourself.

By purchasing this bill of materials you support us in our research & development of creating open source robots.  We ask that you purchase the Bill of Materials once for each robot you build, whether for yourself or for others.

How big can I make a Zarplotter?

We tested on a machine 60x60cm (~24″x24″).  The Bill of Materials has the parts for our size of machine.  Larger is doable in the software and the hardware, though you might need longer timing belt, motor extension cables, and servo extension cables.

Will I need anything else?

You will need the open source 3D printable Zarplotter models.

You will need the open source makelangelo firmware code that lives in the brain of the robot.

You will want the open source makelangelo software Java app that makes running the robot easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Zarplotter support

For all technical discussion about:

  • assembling the zarplotter,
  • running the zarplotter,
  • modding the design of the zarplotter,
  • hacking on the open source software, and
  • showing off your sweet sweet zarplotter drawings on social media

Please visit the zarplotter project forum conversation.

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