RAMPS electronics package

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The RAMPS electronics package is a great start to building your own 3D printer.  It contains the brain of your new robot and several of the more common components.

With these parts you can move up to five 12v1.5a stepper motors at once.

Ramps electronics package contents

  • 1x Arduino MEGA 2560
  • 1x RAMPS controller shield
  • 1x 40mm fan
  • 1x screwdriver
  • 1x micro-SD card adapter
  • 3x pulleys for timing GT2-6 timing belt
  • 8x set screws for the pulleys
  • 1x alan key for the set screws
  • 5x a4988 Polulu stepper driver shields and heatsinks
  • 1x plastic flat head screwdriver


Additional information

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Dimensions18.5 x 9 x 4.7 cm


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