Makelangelo 2.5.2 Parts

The Makelangelo 2.5.2 is constructed of many parts, and you can get them all here!

0ELEC-0001 5.5*2.1 female power plug
0ELEC-0004 Arduino UNO R3
0ELEC-0046 100cm Servo Extension Cord
0ELEC-0061 3.2x7x25mm spacer
0KIT-0002 L293D Motor Driver Expansion Shield for Arduino
0MECH-0025 M3x10 Pan Phillips Screw
20 MECH-0029 M3 hex nut
0MECH-0034 Zip tie, 2*60mm, white
0MECH-0040 M3x45 Pan Phillips Screw
0MECH-0051 Timing Belt, GT2-6×1000
0MECH-0052 Timing Belt Pulley, GT2-6 20mm Aluminum
0MECH-0055 1/2″ Loomex connector/BC connector
0MECH-0056 Suction Cups without hooks, 2.5″
16 MECH-0065 M3x35 Pan Phillips Screw
0MECH-0076 GT2 Pulley Set Screw
0MOTO-0002 180 degree servo (Futaba S3003)
0MOTO-0003 Stepper Motor, NEMA17, 12v0.3a, 400 steps per turn
0RPRT-0005 Makelangelo 2.5.2 Laser Cut Parts

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