Evil Minion Arm Parts

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All the laser cut and 3D printed parts we make, for the Evil Minion 5-Axis Arm. We no longer produce these as part of our normal stock, but you can still special order them. Please let us know what you would be interested in, and we can get back to you with a confirmed price and shipping options.


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Evil Minion Parts

Evil Minion Arm v1 PCB, EMA Wrist Gears, EMA Wrist Magnet Holder, EMA Wrist to Quick Connect, EMA Rotation Sensor Cover – Cut, EMA Stick 3 Cap, EMA Washer 25x35x2, EMA Washer 34x3x1, EMA Power Supply Mounting Bracket, EMA Clamp, EMA Fan Mount, EMA Lock Ring, EMA Rotation Sensor Cover – Uncut, EMA Stick 3, EMA Anchor Magnet Support Pillar A&B, EMA Anchor 2, EMA Stick Top, EMA Anchor A&B, EMA Shoulder Base, EMA Boom, EMA Boom Cover, EMA Shoulder 1, EMA Stick A&B, EMA Large Anchor Gear, EMA boom support, EMA Anchor Gears 2, EMA Base, EMA Bevel Gear, EMA Bevel Gear Thick, EMA Wrist Bone


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