Evil Minion 5-Axis Arm

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**** Minions will begin deploying out to their new Masters, Nov 6th, 2015. Reserve yours today! ****

Everyone wants an obedient, tireless Evil Minion.

Your Evil Minions will never unionize, never vacation, never have a health problem, and never file for compensation. Evil Minions can work without food, water, light, or air, 365 days a year. Soon Evil Minions will be assembling their sisters in our factory. One day they will be on the moon, building the first lunar colony by remote control. You can have one today to automate your work.

Strong. Far reaching. Precise. With over 700mm reach and 1kg of lift, the Evil Minion is powerful enough to get any job done. Evil Minions always know where they are, making them safe and reliable.

Standard adapters and colour personalization, make it easy to customize your Evil Minion for any job, or decor. Our library of adapted tools already includes a gripper, vacuum pump, touch probe, Dremel, and an iPhone. Scroll to the bottom to find the colour palette from which you can choose. What design will you dream up?

Evil Minion standard tool adapter

Evil Overlord makes it easy to drive your new robot. With visual feedback and offline programming, you can prepare your routines before “going live”. This is perfect for a classroom full of students who take turns. This is perfect for a business that teaches many arms to do the same job as they scale up production.

Evil Overlord robot control software

No time for that? Find someone who can drive your arm in our forums.

Job creators buy Evil Minions and rent them, empowering others. Imagine Evil Minions specially trained to handle dangerous machinery or chemicals, reducing human risk. Imagine working from home to drive one or more robots and getting paid per robot.

Designed and Assembled with love, by our team in Vancouver, Canada. We are excited to offer free FedEx Ground shipping to Canada and the contiguous USA, and free parcel post to Hawaii and Alaska. Ask your favorite specialty store if they have Evil Minion Robot Arms.


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