Bearing, thrust, 35x52x12

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Friction is enemy of your moving parts. Bearings make rotating movement nearly frictionless.

This bearing is a thrust bearing. It can take a small load radially – it does not make a great car wheel. It can take a large force along the axis (the axle running through the center). This means it is great for a lazy susan

This bearing is sealed to keep grit out of the ball bearings inside the housing.

This bearing has a flange, which will help keep the bearing where you put it. Two flanged bearings held from opposite direction on the same screw will stay where you put them for a very long time.

I recommend a pair of bearings on either side of the thing you want to rotate, then use a clamping force to hold them together. See the Pan/Tilt robot for an example of our bearings in use.


  • inner diameter: 35mm
  • outer diameter: 52mm
  • thickness: 12mm

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Dimensions 5.2 × 5.2 × 1.2 cm


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