Arduino Starter Kit

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Start building robots with our world famous starter kit.

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The Arduino Starter Kit is the hardware set Marginally Clever Robots use in schools and hackspaces to introduce circuits, motors, sensors, lights, Arduino, electronics, and programming. It’s a great kit with everything you need to get started. Everything in the kit can be safely run at 5 volts, the same voltage level as your Arduino. Follow along with our tutorials below or come to one of our meet ups for some 1-on-1 experience.

Please see below for links to tutorials for individual parts.

Arduino Starter Kit contents

Qty Part Tutorial(s)
01x ELEC-0004 Arduino UNO R3 tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0063 16×2 LCD + I2C tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0064 PS2 Joystick tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0067 huge 700 point breadboard tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0068 water sensor tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0069 IR (infrared) remote and  (see below)
01x ELEC-0077 IR receiver tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0070 RFID package tutorial 1, tutorial 2
02x ELEC-0071 28BYJ48 Stepper Motor + Driver tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0072 Microphone tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0073 Servo, 9G tutorial 1, tutorial 2
01x ELEC-0075 Potentiometer tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0078 Flame sensor tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0079 Button + Cap tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0080 Passive buzzer (play music) tutorial 1, tutorial 2
01x ELEC-0081 Active buzzer (one sound only) tutorial 1
01x ELEC-0082 8×8 LED grid tutorial 1, tutorial 2
01x ELEC-0083 7 segment display, 1 digit  (see below)
01x ELEC-0084 7 segment display, 4 digits tutorial 1, tutorial 2
10x ELEC-0088 LED, green  (see below)
10x ELEC-0089 LED, yellow  (see below)
10x ELEC-0090 LED, red tutorial 1, tutorial 2, tutorial 3
20x ELEC-0085 Resistor, 1k ohm
20x ELEC-0086 Resistor, 10k ohm
20x ELEC-0087 Resistor, 220 ohm
01x ELEC-0091 USB cable, A to B, 50cm, blue
01x ELEC-0065 40pc Male to Female Dupont line, 20cm
01x ELEC-0066 Jumper wires, 30pc

Customize your Arduino Starter Kit

Individual parts from the kit are available in any quantity. Want to customize your kit? Contact us, we’re here to help.


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