Arduino Starter – Ala Carte

Don’t want someone else telling you what you can and can’t have in an Arduino Starter Kit? Take charge and build your own! If you are looking for something that’s not listed, let us know. We will find out what it will take to get them for you. (Please contact us if order multiple sets.)

ELEC-0002 9v battery lead
ELEC-0003 Small breadboard (SYB-46)
ELEC-0004 Arduino UNO R3
ELEC-0005 Pack of wires, precut, stripped, and folded
ELEC-0018 Duracell 9V Battery
ELEC-0019 Arduino MEGA
ELEC-0024 Raspberry Pi T-Cobbler + Breakout GPIO Adapter
ELEC-0029 Resistor, Photo Light Sensitive 5mm
ELEC-0063 LCD + I2C
ELEC-0064 PS2 Joystick
ELEC-0065 40pc Male to Female Dupont line, 20cm
ELEC-0066 Jumper wires, 30pc
ELEC-0067 700 Points Solderless Bread Board (SYB-120)
ELEC-0068 water sensor
ELEC-0069 IR remote
ELEC-0070 RFID package
ELEC-0071 28BYJ48 Stepper Motor + Driver
ELEC-0072 Microphone
ELEC-0073 Servo, 9G
ELEC-0075 Potentiometer
ELEC-0077 Infrared receiver
ELEC-0078 Flame sensor
ELEC-0079 Button + Cap
ELEC-0080 Active buzzer (play music)
ELEC-0081 Passive buzzer (one sound only)
ELEC-0082 8×8 LED grid
ELEC-0083 Seven segment display, 1 digit
ELEC-0084 7 segment display, 4 digits
ELEC-0085 Resistor, 1kohm
ELEC-0086 Resistor, 10kohm
ELEC-0087 Resistor, 220 ohm
ELEC-0088 LED, green
ELEC-0089 LED, yellow
ELEC-0090 LED, red
ELEC-0091 USB cable, A to B, 50cm, blue
ELEC-0107 Mini USB WiFi Adapter N802.11 150Mbps
ELEC-0116 74hc959n 8 channel through hole shift register
KIT-0003 L293D Motor Driver Expansion Shield for Arduino


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