5m el driver

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Power supply for EL electroluminescent wire.

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One EL driver will use two AA batteries to light up to 5m of flexible electroluminescent wire (EL wire). The single button cycles through four modes: off, slow blink, fast blink, and on.  There is a clip for attaching to your clothing. You could also put some velcro through the strap and then around your bike frame. The JST connector takes two hands to disconnect.

When active, the driver makes a faint, high pitched sound. This is the DC to AC converter at work. Only activate the device when attached to EL wire.

EL wire is a great way to add safety to your night time cycling.  One strand of EL wire costs the same as a set of bike reflectors, yet they’ll do a far better job of making you visible in the dark.  With care it will last for years.

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