Material thickness mm

Bin width mm
Bin depth mm
Bin height mm

Bin opening depth mm
Bin opening height mm

Total height
Total width

DXF file


Does not currently do ANY checking for sane input values. It is possible to create nonsense designs. Use at your own risk.

Write down your dimensions! You might want to make more of the same size later.

How to

Cut on the black lines. Crease and fold on the blue lines. Carefully slot the back together. Bend the T tabs on the top to fit through the holes on the side. Bend the front flap over the side pieces and hook into the slot. Label the front and stack on your shelf. Enjoy life.

Tweet a picture of your bin and tag it #buildabin


Copyright 2014 Dan Royer

Version: v1, 2014-07-11

License: GPLv3

Special thanks

Thank you to Evan Jones for helping to improve this script.

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