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Improving the Adafruit ZenCart “easy update” plugin

Adafruit do wonderful work. Giving back to the community is always appreciated and I only hope I can live up to the standard they are setting.

As a for instance, Adafruit put out a “zencart day” blog post where they talk about improvements they’ve made to their default install and offer it up to anyone else. What a time saver!

… except it doesn’t work out of the box. The plugin didn’t understand that I had a database prefix. It couldn’t load product images in the appropriate places or display “no image found” when needed. It wanted a Google CDN key and (as far as I can tell) Google doesn’t even offer CDN keys any more. The documentation said “remove these three sections if you aren’t using this other plugin” and it failed to mention there were another four sections that had to be removed. It isn’t nice to bite the hand that feeds you, so rather than complain to Adafruit I’m publishing my fixes here, just as they would have done.


Download the ez_update for zencart 1.5.0 and extract it into your ./admin folder, with directory structure.

Register your new page so that it appears in the menu. I think they’re doing this to prevent certain kinds of attacks? Its human-difficult, computer-easy. Why would anyone do that deliberately?

  1. Log into your admin panel
  2. Click on Admin Access Management > Admin Page Registration
  3. Page Key = “myEzUpdatePage”
  4. Page Name = “BOX_CATALOG_EZ_UPDATE”
  5. Page Filename = “FILENAME_EZ_UPDATE”
  6. Menu = “Catalog”
  7. Display on Menu? Check!
  8. Click “Insert”

Your new page should now appear under the Catalog menu. Let me know if it works for you, or if you have any other improvements to suggest.

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